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Save the Children’s new campaign ‘Saathi’ the Air Bear launched in April 2023 has been traveling to different parts of the country. Save the Children, along with child and youth campaigners to spread the awareness against climate crisis.

The organization has mentioned that the innovative child and youth-led campaign aims to spotlight the negative impact of air pollution, especially on children and young people.

‘Saathi’ the ‘Air Bear’ has embarked on an inspiring journey to Karnali and Madhesh Province. In these regions, children and youth from different districts united to draw attention to the profound effects of air pollution and climate change on their lives. Collaborating with ‘Saathi,’ they initiated meaningful dialogues with policymakers, emphasizing the importance of climate justice and advocating for increased responsibility to ensure a well-informed future regarding climate-related matters.

Fourteen-year-old Ashmita, one of the dedicated climate justice campaigners, expressed, “The darkening fur of ‘Saathi’ vividly symbolizes the impact of air pollution on all of us, serving as a powerful reminder that we must take action.”

Saathi’ has also brought joy and climate education to school students in Kathmandu and other parts of the country. The incredible climate champions who drive the campaign are leading climate education sessions in schools with ‘Saathi.’ ‘Saathi’ participated in the Kora Cycling Challenge 2023, where over 4,000 cyclists, including children, joined forces on July 15th. We teamed up with our Gen Cool members to engage with child and youth participants, capturing their voices, demands, and recommendations on combating climate change.

These efforts pave the way for a greener future, fueled by the passion and ideas of our incredible youth and children. ‘Saathi’ the ‘Air Bear’ continues its inspiring journey, leaving a lasting impression on communities across the country, reminding us that when it comes to combating climate change, we must stand united. As this campaign gains momentum, it instills hope for a better, cleaner, and more sustainable world, where the voices of the young echo loudly and clearly, demanding a better tomorrow for generations to come.

(Source: Save the Children Nepal)

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